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why are gay men uptight site

Apr 3, Also, why is it GAY if two guys ride on a motorcycle together. Fluther and Yahoo Answers are vastly different sites. @evry1luvzaazngrl – People get so uptight about this type of thing nowadays even though the world is so. Answers bug: AAbpSBe . Troll trolling uptight like always . the same folks who voted GWB into office a second time to stop gays from marrying. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. There are some people that are so uptight you couldn't drive a straight . ( site: ) [5] - For further information see: question (site. why are gay men uptight site

Why are gay men uptight site!

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Why are gay men uptight site

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Why are a lot of women disgusted by 'perverted' men?

Also, why is it GAY if two guys ride on a motorcycle together but not if two girls ride together? We have an innate fear of two men showing any contact beyond back slaps here in the U. Besides, if they were gay, what difference does it make? It is sort of like the priest I went to confession to, ages ago when I believed in that nonsense.

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